Our Basic Course

MS-CIT is government-approved_institute

MS-CIT Course

MS-CIT is a government-approved computer education course offered by Webtech, covering essential computer skills and web technologies.

Microsoft Excel

Learn Microsoft Excel from beginner to advanced level with practical exercises and hands-on experience at WebTech Computer Education.

Marathi Typing

Learn Marathi typing with Webtech Computer Education - enhance your language skills and improve your typing speed! Join now.

English Typing

Looking to improve your typing speed and accuracy in English? Enroll in our webtech computer English Typing Course! Our course is designed to help you become proficient in typing quickly and accurately in the English language.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office: the essential suite of web-based tools for productivity and collaboration, now available on Webtech Computer Education.

C & C++

Learn the fundamentals of C and C++ programming languages in this course offered by Webtech Computer Education. Develop skills for building efficient software.